Life: Poise & Harmony

September 1-30, 2017, WVTF Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

WVTF/Radio IQ and Chroma Projects are pleased to present the recent work of Thai born artist Jum Jirapan. Ms. Jirapan, now an American citizen, uses the ancient tradition of Suminagashi painting to express ideas about memory, emotion and reaction, loss and confusion, as she chronicles the story of her life through this series of abstract paintings. Suminagashi is the Japanese term for "floating ink" and a technique where pigments are floated on water and manipulated, to then be printed on paper. She has titled her show "Life: Poise and Harmony".

Ms. Jirapan says of her work "The water represents the universe to me; we are just particles floating through the ebb and flow of life”. She primarily uses four colors, red, blue, black, and white in her work, manipulating their intensity based on the experiences of different periods. The abstract paintings of her childhood memories are gentle and joyful, while in later works the artist's use of stronger forms and turbulent lines reveals upheaval and struggle, and ultimately equilibrium.

Jum Jirapan is an active member of and advocate for the Charlottesville International Rescue Committee. She has designated that 40% of any sales go to support their work for newcomers to our community (GenR Community Van Drive). Her technique of painting on the water will be featured in the upcoming FLOW: Rivanna River Art Festival, happening on September 30th in Darden Towe Park.

Universal Mother $650
Poise & Harmony $650 - SOLD -
Platonic Fire $650
Inner Matter $850
Ecstatic Blue $250
Ecstatic Pink $250 - SOLD -
Breaking Through $250 - SOLD -
Battle Within $250
The Unknown $250
Scattering Soul $250
Bewilderment $250
Daze $250
Dubiety $250
Conformity $250
Spire $250
Naiveté $250
Burgeoning $250
Spring $250
Munificent $250
Flowing $250
Elation $250 - SOLD -
Euphoria $250
Exuberance $250
Innocence $250
Inception - not for sale -

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