Coexist: A Prayer Flag Project @ FLOW

Rivanna River Arts Festival

September 30, 2017, Darden Towe Park, Charlottesville, VA

Coexist: A Prayer Flag Project made its first debut at FLOW: the inaugural Rivanna River Art Festival. Festival goers were invited to offer their own prayer for peace to the world through the project.


Inspired by Suminagashi, the ancient Japanese paper marbling technique, and the Tibetan prayer flag; these two Eastern traditions merged in a creative participatory experience.


People were invites people to paint their own prayer flag using the Suminagashi technique where acrylic paints were floated on water and then transferred onto cotton fabric. Everyone’s paintings were then hung as flags along the river. Love, compassion and hope for kindness in the world were expressed, fluttered in the wind and flowed in the water.


Water represents both the universe and humanity; The four colors used represent not only emotion but also four basic elements that make up 96% of human body. White for hydrogen, black for carbon, red for oxygen, and blue for nitrogen. We are all a part of this life giving formula. Recognize our oneness and appreciate our differences.


The prayer flag is a Tibetan tradition for promoting peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Traditional Tibetan prayer flag contains prayers and mantras which will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all-pervading space.

*Dear Participants, please contact me at to arrange the pick up of your flag(s).

**Dear Patrons, you may choose one of these flags/artwork for $50 donated to GenR community van drive for the International Rescue Committee Charlottesville office. Please write to me at with your donation receipt along with a picture of the painting of your choice.

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