Art Beyond Barriers

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"I barely passed my art class. I have no art degree. Yet here I am, an artist. It is not about painting skills, I tell you. It is about letting your core-self manifest its true beauty."~Jum Jirapan

As part of her 2018 Public Artist Collaborative Residency at the Bridge PAI this summer, Jum brings you self-explorative and appreciative art sessions to take you beyond limitations. Whatever barriers you have or you think you have--be physical, financial, or mental; come to explore and discover your inner creativity and strength that will take you far and beyond. Open your heart to art and let it opens your mind to possibilities and opportunities.


Where: The Bridge PAI, 209 Monticello Road

When: August 2018, Tue/Wed/Thu, 1-3 PM


***Free of charge. Donation appreciated.***


Ways to support: Participate, donate money or art supplies, or simply spread the words.


Stay tuned for dates and times for evening classes.